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Kris Kross Amsterdam

Kris Kross Amsterdam direct boeken of huren voor een optreden in 2024/2025? Boek deze dj’s bij artiestenbureau FeestDokter.  Hier vindt je informatie over het inhuren van Kris Kross Amsterdam.

Kris Kross Amsterdam (KKA): what is now a well-established, powerful, energetic trio, with hit singles and shows worldwide, once originated with two brothers back in 2011 in Amsterdam.

With their name paying homage to the legendary American duo from the 90s hip hop golden age – Kris Kross, whom they are so fond of – brothers Sander and Jordy Huisman were set on creating a sound, which forged their myriad influences together in seamless fashion.

The brothers decided to start hosting parties in Amsterdam, their hometown. Here they could play exactly what they were missing in the Dutch club scene: an unconventional mix of R&B, hip hop, twerk, trap and house. Jordy and Sander had their own act at first, but later on, in 2014, MC Yuki Kempees joined them.

2015 was the year Kris Kross Amsterdam signed a deal with dance record label Spinnin’ Records, and had their first release ever: “Until The Morning”. Afterwards, KKA dropped multiple releases on the label, with extremely high impact, catching worldwide attention. Amongst those releases are: “SEX”, an international mega hit with Cheat Codes, “Are You Sure?”, an enormous collab with British pop star Conor Maynard and American hip hop artist Ty Dolla $ign, and the most recent release with Conor and The Boy Next Door, “Whenever”. This track originated from Shakira’s “Whenever, Wherever”, but got dipped into KKA style and turned into the ultimate 2018 summer hit.

The song is good for over a solid million streams each day and received global attention from Billboard Dance Chart, Global Top 50 Chart and 29 Viral Charts on Spotify. These catchy, prestigious releases – which are typical for the KKA sound – altogether amass over the insane amount of 612 million streams.

Next to making hit singles, the boys of Kris Kross Amsterdam do shows over the entire planet. They take their wild energy everywhere they go and never lose their Amsterdam mentality: the party is wherever KKA is. Every show they do is a unique experience on itself. With hosting several stages and highlighted sets at Mysteryland (NL), Tomorrowland (BE), Parookaville (GE), Ultra Music Festival (US), Kris Kross Amsterdam are proving more and more that they are an extremely talented collective that showcases to become an even bigger successful act worldwide

Kris Kross Amsterdam - Loop Niet Weg ft. Tino Martin & Emma Heesters

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